Dance With Me

Private Dance Training

We offer more than just a private instructor; we offer private instruction with a professional instructor in a private setting. Unlike many “strip-mall” style studios, our instructors are the top in their specialty, plus we teach in a facility that allows for non-public rooms for private dance instruction, so that you never have to share floor space or music with any other students or instructors during your private lesson. We also offer private instruction on location. We are licensed and insured to teach not only in our own facility, but on any location. Our instructors are truly able to offer a premium service to help you reach your goals in learning to dance!

Private lessons are the fastest way to reach your goals in dancing. Consider that everyone has different strengths and challenges. In a group class, it is nearly impossible to address everyone's individual strengths and weaknesses, so the instructor must try to address the most common issues to the students in the class setting. However, in a private setting, the instructor can focus on YOU and your specific needs and best hone your dancing ability to help you reach your goals in the shortest time possible! Private lessons start at $70/hour with our head instructors, however discounted hourly rates are available through lesson packages or special offers!

Private Lesson Package Prices:

  • 5 private lessons:   $300
  • 12 private lessons: $650
  • 25 private lessons: $1,199
  • 50 private lessons: $2,159

Contact us today to set up your personal dance training and see what learning to dance can add to your life!