Our instructors provide the finest and most comprehensive dance training in a variety of dance styles. Our classes are offered in a series of sessions where all students are required to register and no new students are admitted into the class once the series has begun. This way we are able to offer comprehensive instruction that the whole class can benefit from without slowing down to introduce new people to past lessons. Our classes are based on 6 sessions in a sequence. We advise people to only take the class if they can attend every session. If you have to miss one or two, we offer make-up lessons, but we ask that each student take responsibility for making up any lessons missed to keep from slowing the progress of their classmates due to their absence.

The tuition for most of our classes is

$65 per person for a 6-week series.

We offer an early registration discount

of 20% if you signup and pay at least a

week in advance of the series start date.

See our class schedule and either signup

online, or call (417) 869-6789 to register.

While our upper level classes have pre-requisites for previous training, we offer opportunities for advanced training in special workshops. We offer workshops that are open to the general public and private workshops either for special occasions or private groups. Check our events list or Facebook page for our upcoming schedule of workshops, public exhibitions, and event appearances.

Our instructors regularly teach in our facilities, however our instructors regularly travel to teach at various locations within the Springfield area as well as travelling to different communities throughout the nation. We are able to work with different organizations or communities to create special class series or workshops that normally aren't available in other areas.

Contact us today to see what we can offer your organization or community!

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