Dance With Me

Anne and Andy Walls

Anne and Andy Walls are champion level partners and dance instructors, as well as a happily married couple! We are the owners of Dance With Me, where we make learning to social dance easy and fun!

Our students come from all walks of life and, because of that, we offer dance instruction in a way that that we hope will appeal to as many people as possible. Our students range from couples who are preparing for their first dance and just don't want to look dumb, to the empty-nesters who are looking for a new hobby to share with each other. Our students also include those whose ambitions are to travel and compete with and against others from around the country, plus our students include teachers and even studio owners both near and far. Our ongoing training with some of the top professionals in the world, as well as through dance programs offered by such prestigious institutions as Brigham Young University helps us hone our own skills, while staying current with the best teaching methods and trends in partner dancing.

In addition to regular coaching, Anne & Andy compete in many styles of dance. We have won multiple national and regional titles in various styles of swing, ballroom, country, and latin dance and continually strive to be the best in social and competitive dancing to our area! Dancing is a passion we share and we love sharing it with others!